AMSI Winter School on Cryptography • Provable Security

In 2014 I gave a series of introductory lectures on cryptography and provable security for the AMSI Winter School on Cryptography at the University of Queensland.

Lecture materials are below. Lecture 1 provides a nice (in my opinion) 1-lecture overview of the basics of cryptography and could act as a good review/refresher. The notes for lectures 2 and 3 provide an introduction to provable security, including some worked examples, and are based in part on other researchers’ tutorials on provable security.

Lecture 1: Cryptographic Building Blocks

Lecture 1 slides (PDF)

Lecture 2 and 3: An Introduction to Provable Security

Lecture 2-3 notes (PDF)

Lecture 4: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol

Lecture 4 slides (PDF)