Quantum coins

Verification circuit for quantum coins |ψ⟩ recognized using the oracle U<sub>ψ</sub>.


One of the earliest cryptographic applications of quantum information was to create quantum digital cash that could not be counterfeited. In this paper, we describe a new type of quantum money: quantum coins, where all coins of the same denomination are represented by identical quantum states. We state desirable security properties such as anonymity and unforgeability and propose two candidate quantum coin schemes: one using black box operations, and another using blind quantum computation.

Keywords: quantum coins, quantum cryptography, digital cash


Michele Mosca, Douglas Stebila. Quantum coins. In Aiden A. Bruen, David L. Wehlau, editors, Error-Correcting Codes, Finite Geometries and Cryptography 2010, Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 523, pp. 35-47. American Mathematical Society, 2010.




This research was supported by:
  • NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • Sun Microsystems Laboratories
  • Natural Sciences and Enginering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada
  • QuantumWorks
  • Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)
  • Canada Research Chair
  • Ontario Research Fund
  • Government of Canada
  • Ontario-MRI