SAC 2016 Summer School • Implementation and analysis of cryptographic protocols

In 2016, I gave a lecture on implementation and analysis of cryptographic protocols (focusing on the TLS protocol) for the Summer School at the Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC) conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Lecture slides are below. Part 1 provides a one-lecture overview of the basics of cryptography and could act as a good review/refresher.

Part 1: Cryptographic Building Blocks

Topics: Symmetric crypto: ciphers (stream, block), hash functions, message authentication codes, pseudorandom functions; public key crypto: public key encryption, digital signatures, key agreement.

Part 1 slides (PDF)

Part 2: The TLS protocol

Part 2 slides (PDF)

Part 3: Attacks on TLS

Topics: Bleichenbacher’s attack; the BEAST attack; the CRIME and BREACH attacks; cross-ciphersuite attack; renegotiation attack; Logjam

Part 3 slides (PDF)

Part 4 and 5: Provable security of TLS and TLS 1.3

Parts 4 and 5 slides (PDF)