Working with me

  • Postdoctoral researchers: I have no postdoctoral research positions available. Any positions will be listed here and advertised on the IACR jobs page.
  • PhD or Master’s (thesis) students: Students seeking admission for Fall 2023 should check out information on the Faculty of Mathematics’ website. I can supervise/co-supervise students in the C&O (application deadline January 15) and CS (application deadline December 15) departments. Please also see below about what I look for in graduate students.
  • Undergraduate students: I will be considering applications for students for the Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA/USRA) program for Spring 2023. Please see information on the C&O department website; the deadline for Spring 2023 is December 2022. I do not have any other type of research assistantship or internship available.

What I look for in graduate students: The research projects I supervise are in cryptography, and generally involve the “provable security” / “reductionist security” methodology. Please check out my research interests and publications to get an idea of what areas of cryptography I work on. Generally I look for students with an undergraduate background in mathematics or theoretical computer science. It is essential to have studied cryptography at the undergraduate level, and highly preferable to have studied several of the following: number theory (3rd year or above); group theory; theory of computing (Turing machines etc.); computational complexity theory; quantum computing. Ideally students will also have some programming proficiency; Python and C are commonly used general-purpose languages in cryptography. Good preparatory reading for graduate studies in cryptography includes Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Katz and Lindell and Cryptography Made Simple by Smart. For students interested in post-quantum cryptography, background surveys include A Decade of Lattice Cryptography by Peikert and Supersingular Isogenies for Beginners by Costello.

Current students

I am supervising the following researchers:

  • Goutam Tamvada

I am supervising the following PhD students:

  • Ted Eaton
  • Chelsea Komlo (co-supervisor)
  • Moe Sabry (co-supervisor)

I am supervising the following Master’s (thesis) students:

  • Ross Evans
  • Lewis Glabush
  • Jason Goertzen
  • Jarrod Pas
  • Camryn Steckel
  • Spencer Wilson

Past students

I have supervised the following postdoctoral researchers:

  • Dr. Nina Bindel
  • Dr. Praveen Gauravaram
  • Dr. Choudary Gorantla
  • Dr. Håkon Jacobsen
  • Dr. Zia Khan
  • Dr. John Schanck

I have supervised the following PhD students:

I have supervised the following Master’s (thesis) students:

  • Philip Hodges (Master’s 2021) - Algorithm substitution attacks: detecting ASAs using state reset and making ASAs asymmetric
  • Simeon Krastnikov (Master’s 2020) (co-supervisor) - Efficient oblivious database joins
  • Karl Knopf (Master’s 2019) - Real world secret leaking: the design and analysis of a protocol for the purpose of leaking documents under surveillance
  • Robert Gorrie (Master’s 2018) – Advances towards practical implementations of isogeny-based signatures
  • Fletcher Gates (Master’s 2018) – Reduction-respecting parameters for lattice-based cryptosystems
  • Brian Goncalves (Master’s 2018) – A secure key encapsulation mechanism in quantum hybrid settings