My research interests include:

  • Applied cryptography: key exchange protocols; post-quantum cryptography; digital signatures; public key encryption; client puzzles / proofs of work; elliptic curve cryptography; quantum cryptography
  • Internet security: network security protocols (SSL/TLS, SSH, Tor, …); public key infrastructure (PKI); authentication


My full list of publications is available here. My most recent papers are:

F. Günther, D. Stebila, S. Veitch. 2024.

D. Stebila, S. Wilson. In ACM ASIACCS 2024.

D. Stebila, D. Joseph, C. Aguilar-Melchor, J. Goertzen. Internet-Draft, November 2023.


You can download slides from my presentations.


I am co-founder of the Open Quantum Safe project. Check out our code on Github.

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My major grants include:

Graduate Students

Please see my supervision page for information about current and past graduate students, as well as about working with me.

Research Experience