My research interests include:

  • Applied cryptography: key exchange protocols; post-quantum cryptography; digital signatures; public key encryption; client puzzles / proofs of work; elliptic curve cryptography; quantum cryptography
  • Internet security: network security protocols (SSL/TLS, SSH, Tor, …); public key infrastructure (PKI); authentication


My full list of publications is available here. My most recent papers are:

E. Crockett, C. Paquin, D. Stebila. In NIST PQC Standardization 2019.

D. Stebila, S. Fluhrer, S. Gueron. Internet-Draft, July 2019.

E. Alkim, J. W. Bos, L. Ducas, K. Easterbrook, B. LaMacchia, P. Longa, I. Mironov, M. Naehrig, V. Nikolaenko, C. Peikert, A. Raghunathan, D. Stebila. Submission to the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography standardization project, Round 2. Revised July 2, 2019, July 2019.


You can download slides from my presentations.


I am co-founder of the Open Quantum Safe project. Check out our code on Github.

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Graduate Students

Please see my supervision page for information about current and past graduate students, as well as about working with me.

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