Code from research projects

Open Quantum Safe

Software for prototyping quantum-resistant cryptography. Includes C library of key exchange algorithms and integration into OpenSSL.

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Post-quantum public key infrastructure

Scripts for generating and testing hybrid certificates for post-quantum PKI.

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Double-authentication-preventing signatures

C code implementing various double-authentication-preventing signature schemes.

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"Frodo": learning with errors key exchange

C code implementing key exchange protocol based on the learning with errors problem.

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Ring learning with errors key exchange

C code implementing the ring learning with errors primitive as well as a ring-LWE-based key exchange protocol and integration into OpenSSL.

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Password-authenticated key exchange for Firefox

Prototype extension for Mozilla Firefox that performs password-authenticated key exchange with channel bindings.

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Miscellaneous software

Automator SCP

An Automator action for Mac OS X that allows files to be uploaded and downloaded with scp (the secure copy protocol, part of SSH).

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Various snippets of code, including a Solarized colour scheme for tcsh and shell scripts for binary/hex conversion.

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Contributions to open source projects



I worked on code for the Mozilla project, or more specifically the Netscape Security Services (NSS) library, which is part of Mozilla. In collaboration with researchers at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, I developed an implementation of elliptic-curve cryptography for the NSS toolkit.



OpenSSL is an open-source cryptography library. While working as an intern at Sun Micrososytems Laboratories, I contributed code for elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) to OpenSSL. Specifically, our contribution included a library for arithmetic over a characteristic two field, key agreement and signature algorithms, and SSL handshake modifications for ECC.

Unmaintained miscellaneous software


iCalCopy copies events and to do items from one iCal calendar to another.

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Scripts for BibDesk and TeXShop

Scripts that allow you to insert BibDesk citations into TeXShop and integrate BibDesk and TeXShop with CVS.

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TLS Keying Material Exporters

Patches to TLS that allow an application to get additional application-specific keying material derived from the TLS master secret.

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