Visiting Zürich

May 10, 2013 at 02:56AM     Travel Switzerland Zürich

In the alps
I've been in Europe for research for the last three weeks, and last weekend I made a trip down to Zürich to meet some colleagues at ETH Zurich on Friday and spend the weekend exploring Zürich and the surrounding area of Switzerland with friends. Though I've been to Switzerland previously, I'd never been to Zürich.

Grossmünster, Zürich
On Saturday, my former Waterloo roommates Heather and Chris, who know live in Lausanne, came to Zürich for the weekend. Heather and spent Saturday wandering around the city. We made a particularly special discovery in the evening at a chocolate shop near the train station.
Sprüngli Swiss chocolates — the caramel fleur de sel are the best!
Of course we had to try a few chocolates. We didn't try them all, but one of the truffles we had, the caramel fleur de sel, was sooooo good that it must have been the best. While waiting at the airport for my flight the next day, I may or may not have used all my remaining Swiss francs purchasing more of these.

With Heather Murray
Heather and I headed out for a drive in the country on Sunday. Switzerland has an excellent car sharing scheme of which Heather is a member, so we were able to take a train out of the city and then pick up a car at the train station.
Alpine valley with dandelions
Heather kept apologizing that the weather was so bad, as you can plainly see.

More photos are available in my photo gallery.