On the Gold Coast

December 26, 2009 at 10:56AM     Travel Australia Gold Coast Queensland

My parents and I spent last weekend on the Gold Coast, southeast of Brisbane. The beach at the Gold Coast is 57km of uninterrupted sand.
Conrad Jupiters at night
We stayed at the Conrad Jupiters casino and hotel in Broadbeach, a few kilometres south of Broadbeach. Sunday was a gloomy, rainy day, and we were limited to taking the monorail from the hotel to the beach (yes, there's a monorail to the beach), and gambling at the casino, where I discovered that trying to beat a pseudorandom number generator does not particularly amuse me.

Mom and dad on the Gold Coast
Monday started off a bit dreary as well, but fortunately it cleared up as we walked the beach. Unfortunately, the sunscreen was back at the hotel where we left it, thinking the day would be cloudy, so we got a bit of a sunburn, but oh well. We walked along the beach the whole morning, making our way 4km to Surfers Paradise for lunch.
Q1, Surfers
Surfers Paradise is also home to the world's tallest residential building, Q1, which you can see in the centre of the picture at right. After lunch we walked back to our hotel (the walk back seemed much shorter than the walk there, a strangely common phenomenon) to catch our train back to Brisbane.