Caribbean cruise: St. Lucia

January 9, 2009 at 10:56PM     Travel Caribbean St. Lucia

Me zip-lining
Our next stop, in St. Lucia, was one that I was really looking forward to. When I was reviewing all of the various shore excursions that were available from the cruise, I saw they offered zip-lining ("Rainforest treetop adventure") in St. Lucia and I really wanted to do that. We didn't try booking excursions until we got on the ship, at which point they told me that excursion was full.
Zip-line in the rainforest canopy
They put me on a waiting list and fortunately, as you can see from the picture at left, there was opening and I got to go zip-lining.

The zip-lining park was in the middle of the island in a rainforest in the valley between some mountains. It was spectacular. Some of the zip lines, like the one at right, went in between the trees.

Zip-line through the forest
A few of the lines went across the valley so that you got above the treetops in the middle of the valley and then you had a 360-degree view of the mountains surrounding you. In total, I zipped across over a dozen lines, some of which were more than 250 metres long.

On our way back to the ship, we stopped for a few scenic outlooks, including this view of the ocean across the rainforest. We also saw the Queen Mary 2 anchored off the shore as we descended a hill back into the city.

Taking the tender back to the boat, I looked up to the promenade deck and saw my mother standing there watching the boats come back in. Here she is before she's realized I'm waving to here, and then with my father once they've figured out who the crazy person on the boat waving to them is.

Costa Atlantica about to sail from St. Lucia
Our anchor position off the island allowed for some beautiful views of the island of St. Lucia. At left is a view of the Costa Atlantica sailing from the port where our tenders docked. Below is a panoramic view of St. Lucia delicately lit by the evening sun.