Caribbean cruise: Barbados

January 8, 2009 at 10:03PM     Travel Barbados Caribbean

Queen Mary 2 docked in Barbados
The next stop on our Caribbean cruise was Barbados.

In 2005, I spent a week at the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados for a workshop on cryptography. I previously posted pictures from that trip (just because there are no pictures of cryptography doesn't mean it didn't happen!).

Beach and pier at the Boatyard, Barbados
Rather than exploring the island or going on an excursion like snorkelling or rum drinking, I simply decided to go to the beach. One of the crew recommended I go to The Boatyard, a wild and crazy bar and private the beach where all the crew go. It was nice to get away from all the grey hair on the cruise ship for a little while.

View of the Boatyard, Barbados from the Queen Mary 2
There's a cool pier at The Boatyard that has a rope on it on which you can swing into the water, and there are huge floaty things in the water to climb around on; you can even see them on Google Maps.

Aft of the Queen Mary 2 at Barbados
I found out from talking to our wine steward that the crew was very excited for the trip to Barbados. It was their last Caribbean cruise of the season—after our cruise, they set sail on their Round the World cruise—and The Boatyard is one of their favourite stops in the Caribbean. I can see why—they were having a good time, and so was I.

From Barbados, we set sail for St. Lucia. See you there soon!