BMath (University of Waterloo)


In April 2003, I received an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics Double Combinatorics and Optimization and Computer Science from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Waterloo.


I completed core mathematics courses in the advanced stream, and courses for majors in combinatorics & optimization and computer science, as well as several courses in French.


I participated in the co-op program, and had work placements at Fidelity Investments, Entrust Technologies, the University of Waterloo, and Sun Microsystems Laboratories. My last work report on Open source in corporate research won the Faculty of Mathematics Alumni Work Report Award in Fall 2002.


I had the privilege of representing University of Waterloo students on the Senate and Board of Governors for the 2002-2003 academic year. In Winter and Fall 2002, I represented undergraduates in the Faculty of Mathematics as President of the Mathematics Society.

I was involved in student government through much of my undergraduate career. In Spring 2001, I was speaker for the University of Waterloo Mathematics Society and a representative for Computer Science students. I held this position until March, 2002, when I resigned to become President of the Mathematics Society, a position I held again in Fall, 2002. For the 2000-2001 academic year, I was a Director and Councillor for the Federation of Students at the University of Waterloo, and sat on nearly every committee of the Federation.


I was involved in the FASS (Faculty, Alumni, Staff, and Student) Theatre Company, specifically as the Stage Manager for FASS 2002, a committee representative, and webmaster.

I was also involved in the late, wrote several Imprint articles, helped organize the St. Jerome’s Charity Run, and participated in the St. Jerome’s 9:30 Choir.