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Running – Week 16

This week’s running was fairly successful, although I managed to sleep through Friday morning’s easy run. Today’s 19km run was a bit rough, probably because it was a bit warmer, but I survived through to brunch. I’ve also broken the 400km mark for the year.

Jul 13 Mon Rest day
Jul 14 Tue 3.7km Easy run
Jul 15 Wed Rest day
Jul 16 Thu 11.2km Tempo run
Jul 17 Fri Rest day
Jul 18 Sat Rest day
Jul 19 Sun 19.0km Long run
Total 33.9km Year to date: 425.0km

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Whale watching

Sand cliffs, Moreton IslandSand cliffs, Moreton Island Two weekends ago I went whale watching off Moreton Island, about 30 minutes east of Brisbane on the coast, with a research visitor from England.

Whale headWhale head Whales migrate along the east coast of Australia throughout the winter; they spend summers eating in Antarctic waters and then head north in the winter to give birth.

We saw a few different pods of whales over the course of the afternoon. The first ones we saw were shy and ended up staying far off, but we moved a kilometre or two south and came across some more friendly whales. After they got accustomed to our presence, they starting jumping out of the water (called “breaching”) for us and our cameras. Hard to photograph, as you never know when or where they’re going to come up, but I managed to get a few shots.

Jumping out of the waterJumping out of the water Two whales swimmingTwo whales swimming Whale tail undersideWhale tail underside Sunlit whale in mid airSunlit whale in mid air

Check out this sequence of photos of showing a single jump. If you’re reading this through Facebook, click on “View original note” to view the full image.

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Running – Week 15

Last week’s running was interrupted by some tightness in my back that showed up Tuesday afternoon. It was similar to what I experienced last summer, so I made an appointment with a physiotherapist here in Brisbane on Friday. Nothing serious, just lots of muscle tightness that we’re working out. I should also be a bit more careful about how I use my mouse at school, too, so I’ve tried to make a few adjustments. I saw my physiotherapist again today and we’re on the right track. My long run on Sunday was pain-free, so everything should be in tip-top shape again soon.

Jul 6 Mon Rest day
Jul 7 Tue 3.6km Easy run
Jul 8 Wed Rest day
Jul 9 Thu
Jul 10 Fri
Jul 11 Sat Rest day
Jul 12 Sun 18.0km Long run
Total 21.6km Year to date: 391.1km

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Running – Week 14

This week saw a major increase in distance again, with 4 runs instead of 3, and a total of 35.5km, 9km more than last week’s 26.4km. Nonetheless, I’m feeling pretty good after today’s long run, aided by a tasty post-run brunch. Or, as they call such things here in Australia, “breaky”. (They seem to enjoy taking any multiple syllable word and turning end of it into an “-y” sound. Breakfast becomes “breaky”, barbecue becomes “barby”, poker machines become “pokies”, and, most offensively, Christmas becomes “chrissy”.)

Jun 29 Mon Rest day
Jun 30 Tue 3.6km Easy run
Jul 1 Wed Rest day
Jul 2 Thu 11.2km Tempo run
Jul 3 Fri 3.7km Easy run
Jul 4 Sat Rest day
Jul 5 Sun 17.0km Long run
Total 35.5km Year to date: 369.5km

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